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Setup Wildcard Subdomain on Localhost for Development Work without /Etc/hosts TomFoolery


Step 1.

Open up your browser and visit http://www.hexxie.com. You can also go to anything.hexxie.com and everything.hexxie.com, which will resolve to your local machine (assuming it's localhost at

How it works

Super simple. I just pointed hexxie.com and *.hexxie.com to, which is your localhost address. If you're on Rails just append the port number as usual. http://hexxie.com:3000 or on Django http://hexxie.com:8000. Or you can always fire those guys up on port :80 with sudo ./script/server -p80 for Rails or sudo django-admin.py runserver 80

To set up your own just configure DNS to point your domain to for the IP address. No more futzing with /etc/hosts

Originally got this tip from http://tbaggery.com/2010/03/04/smack-a-ho-st.html who has created his own service at smackaho.st

The word "Hexe" is German for "Witch". I have a dog named "Hexxie" after the German word and that is the origin of the domain name hexxie.com, in case you're wondering.

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