How to Just Get SQL Statement Error with SQLAlchemy Python Database Wrapper
If you're working with SQLAlchemy, the best database driver for Python, and want to see only SQL syntax errors, you need to use the StatementError exception class. On it, is an attribute `orig`, that contains just the SQL syntax error... and not any data...
Written by Sean Behan on 05/10/2018
Trigrams, Bigrams and Ngrams in Python for Text Analysis
Creating trigrams in Python is very simple trigrams = lambda a: zip(a, a[1:], a[2:]) trigrams(('a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f')) # => [('a', 'b', 'c'), ('b', 'c', 'd'), ('c', 'd', 'e'), ('d', 'e', 'f')] You can generalize this a little bit more ...
Written by Sean Behan on 03/06/2017
How to Decorate Imported Libs in Python for Jinja Template Filters in Flask
To decorate an imported function in Python you would do something like this # in ./ def function_name(): # function body And then in your program you could decorate it like this from lib import function_name function_name = decorat...
Written by Sean Behan on 03/04/2017
Get Method Name as String in Python
Here is how to get the string representation of a method in Python def my_method_name(): print "Hello World" my_method_name.__name__ # => 'my_method_name' Short and sweet!
Written by Sean Behan on 03/04/2017
How to Merge a YAML File Into a Single Hash in Ruby
require 'yaml' # Nested YAML structure from something-nested.yml # # nested: # key: value # key_two: value_two # Procedural Approach to building a single Hash from nested YAML data structure. @yaml = YAML.load_file("something-nested...
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012