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Software I've Built

Quotes & Images API

This project takes a random quote, a random font and a random image and generates a JPG you can download.

It's a PHP app that uses the GD extension to create the image, and pair the font color with the background.

The app is still a work in progress. Some of the quotes are too long and some of the pictures aren't great either. But there are a surprising number of great pairings.

This is just step 1. I'd like to be able to pass parameters in for color scheme, quote topic and image type (landscape, people, animals, etc).

Website: http://quotes.seanbehan.com
Get Text from Webpages

This little app uses the Readability Python package to extract the plain text from any website.

Source code on Github
HTML to PDF Webservice

Turn any website into a downloadable PDF

Source code on Github

Data Packed URLs

This little project lets you share data with just a URL. No database required. Just set the content type and body for a shareable URL. If you visit the URL you'll get the content back with the appropriate content type.

Source code available on Github.

Shareable Request URLs

This app lets you craft an HTTP request (GET, POST, DELETE, ...) and share it with other people. Any time the url is viewed it executes the request!

This Sharable URL is for my homepage

Source code on Github

Checkout Some iOS Apps I've Made

XPath Expression Editor
Practice and improve your XPath skills with XPath Editor
Click to buy on the App Store
Photo Location Changer
Easily change the location on your photos and videos
Click here for more info about the app
Photo Date Changer
Easily change the dates and times on your photos and videos
Click here for more info about the app
English dictionary with notifications so you won't forget what you're studying!
Click here for more info about the app
The app that quizzes and scores you on your vocabulary!
Click here for more info about the app