I'm Sean.

I write about #software, #SaaS, #consulting and #mobile app development

I code in #Python, #PHP, #Swift, #Ruby, #ReactJS and #Postgres

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How to Reset and Clear a Form Field or Textarea with Stateless Components in React
Stateless components are nice. They are simple to use and understand but can become tricky when you start thinking about data and how to manage state. In general, the consensus seems to be that if your UI is going to need state, then at least the componen...
Written by Sean Behan on 10/21/2018
How to Upgrade RVM on Mac OS X
I had an old version of rvm installed and wanted to upgrade. So old in fact that the resource for upgrading no longer existed. rvm update just returned a 301, redirect. Luckily, the following worked # checks out from repo rvm update --head # will re...
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012
Setting up a new ubuntu server with apache2, php, ruby on rails, rubygems, mysql, and git
Here are a list of commands to get up and running with Apache2 with Phussion Passenger for Rails, PHP5, MySQL5, Ruby on Rails with Gems, and the source control software Git. I think that this is a pretty ideal environment for a development box and even pr...
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012
How To Use Rake to Run Your Test Suite with Sinatra
If you're using Sinatra and you want to use rake to run your test suite, you will need to create a Rakefile and put this in it. require 'rake/testtask' task :default do ENV['RACK_ENV'] = 'test' Rake::Task['test'].invoke end Rake::Test...
Written by Sean Behan on 08/22/2013
Deploying Wordpress on Heroku
> This post is out of date - Heroku officially supports PHP now w/ buildpacks Heroku runs Apache version 2.2.22 PHP version 5.3.10 Deploying Wordpress to Heroku requires that you throw the Wordpress source into a Git repository. So download th...
Written by Sean Behan on 03/02/2017