I'm Sean.

I write about #software, #SaaS, #consulting and #mobile app development

I code in #Python, #PHP, #Swift, #Ruby, #ReactJS and #Postgres

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Starting the Rails Console in Production Mode
To specify which mode you'd like the rails console to boot up in, just provide the string without any flags. ./script/console production ./script/console test ./script/console development If you're on windows, remember the backslash "\" rather than for...
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012
Setting Up Users, Permissions and Groups for SSH Access to a Shared Git Repository
If you are having permission problems using git, such as error: insufficient permission for adding an object to repository database ./objects There are a couple thing you can do to remedy the situation, before moving to a full on git server like gitosis....
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012
How Many Gigs of RAM Are On My Server?
How much memory is on my linux server? Run the free command free -g total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 2 1 0 0 0 1 -/+ buffers/cache: 0 1 Swap: ...
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012
Uploading Files with Curl
curl -i -F name=test -F filedata=@localfile.jpg http://example.org/upload Courtesy of http://ariejan.net/2010/06/07/uploading-files-with-curl/
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012
Placing an Authenticity Token in a Rails Form
<%= hidden_field_tag :authenticity_token, form_authenticity_token %>
Written by Sean Behan on 06/17/2012