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Launch Photoshop (Or Any App) From The Command Line on Mac OS X


I often find myself coding with the terminal open. Cding around a web app project I usually end up at some point launching Photoshop. Either to touch up or work on a psd, png, jpg ...etc. I fire up Photoshop and then navigate to the app's public directory, where the site images are kept. Then begins the hunt in finder for the image. This takes some time and if I'm already at the command line it would be nice to launch Photoshop with the exact file I want with a single command! To accomplish this just make an alias in your bash profile like so...

fire up your text editor and edit your profile

vim ~/.bash_profile

create the alias command

alias psd="open -a /Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Elements\ 3/Photoshop\ Elements\ 3.app"

You need to fire up a new terminal instance before this setting will take place. CMD+N. Then from the command line type

psd my-image.psd
Note, I didn't use "ps" as the alias because this is already taken by the system. Also the path to the application may be different on your system. Make sure you use the correct path or you may have an error like

LSOpenFromURLSpec() failed with error -10827 for the file...

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