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Ruby strftime() method arguments


Just for reference strftime() arguments in ruby.

Usage Time.now.strftime("%B/%d/%Y")

%a  weekday name.
%A  weekday name (full).
%b  month name.
%B  month name (full).
%c  date and time (locale)
%d  day of month [01,31].
%H  hour [00,23].
%I  hour [01,12].
%j  day of year [001,366].
%m  month [01,12].
%M  minute [00,59].
%p  AM or PM
%S  Second [00,61]
%U  week of year (Sunday)[00,53].
%w  weekday [0(Sunday),6].
%W  week of year (Monday)[00,53].
%x  date (locale).
%X  time (locale).
%y  year [00,99].
%Y  year [2000].
%Z  timezone name.
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