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Posts Tagged with "Shell"

How to Find An SQLite Database with React Native and the iPhone Simulator.

I spent a few hours digging around my file system using `find` and `grep` hunting for my SQLite database that the iPhone Simulator was using for my Re...

Backup and Rotate MySQL Databases Simple Bash Script

Make a directory ( it can anywhere ) called baks/mysql mkdir -p /baks/mysql Create a file (it can be anywhere) called /root/mysql_backups.sh...

How to Boot Up Multiple Sinatra Applications at the Same Time with Foreman

Foreman is a process management gem for ruby applications. It is used in combination with a Procfile for configuration instructions. A typical Proc...

Ruby on Rails vs. PHP in a Nutshell


Use a Cron Job to Automate Sphinx Index Refresh from Rails Rake Task

If using Sphinx, you need to refresh indexes when you add new content to your database. This is fairly easy to do by hand rake thinking_sphinx:i...

How to Get Your User's SHELL and PATH Information

How to find your user SHELL and PATH on Linux echo $PATH echo $SHELL Which will print the paths to the screen /usr/local/sbin:/usr/...

using screen

Use screen when you want to manage multiple sessions in a terminal. Install it on Ubuntu sudo apt-get install screen There are a lot of options for...