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Posts Tagged with "Mobile"

How to Read Response Body HTML with Javascript Fetch Method with React Native

In React Native you see a lot of tutorials and articles using the `fetch` method when interacting with `JSON` APIs. It's great for this and the the pa...

How to Find An SQLite Database with React Native and the iPhone Simulator.

I spent a few hours digging around my file system using `find` and `grep` hunting for my SQLite database that the iPhone Simulator was using for my Re...

How To Export A MySQL Database to JSON, CSV and XML with Ruby and the ActiveRecord Gem

It's trivial to export data from a mysql database with Ruby and ActiveRecord. All you have to do is establish a connection and define a class that rep...

Carrier Email Addresses for Sending SMS over Email

Just for reference, here are the carrier email addresses for sending email as an SMS. Look up the carrier for the phone in question, then send an emai...