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Posts Tagged with "Forms"

Reshape an Array of Form Inputs for Flask with getlist()

This is how to reshape an array using Python without Numpy. This is a fairly simple task but it can be a little confusing to wrap your head around....

Rails 3 disable_with Does Not Work with Ajax Remote Form_for

It appears that the :disable_with option on the submit_tag form helper method does not behave as expected with remote forms. I'm not sure if this is a...

Using Formtastic to Cleanly Create Nice Looking Forms in Rails

Forms can easily get cluttered when you're dealing with a lot of form fields... er, ERB tags. I've written about <a href="http://seanbehan.com/ruby-on...

Moodle's Most Important Function Gets No Attention

Arguably the most important function in the Moodle API, is the create_course function. One would think... after all Moodle is an LMS. Courses are the...

Extending Rails Form Builders

Extending forms in Rails is simple and will greatly reduce the amount of code in your views. This example is taken right from the Agile Web Developmen...

Trouble Using Attr_Accessor in Rails Models and Forms

You might use the attr_accessible method to create getters and setters for a class that has attributes which don't map directly to corresponding field...

Nested Has_one Relationship with Fields_for and Attr_accessible in Model Class

To make child attributes accessible to your model through a nested forms (Rails 2.3) you'll need to add the "#{child_class}_attributes" to the attr_ac...

Nested Attributes in a Form for Has_One Model Association in Rails

Just for reference... class Member...

Dot htaccess file for wordpress installation (.htaccess)

Login to your wordpress installation and scroll to and click the second to last link set "Settings". You'll need to configure wordpress to handle your...

Using Prototype to Access Form Data

Prototype has a powerful API for accessing and manipulating the Document Object Model, A.K.A the DOM. The following code will let you interact with a...