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Posts Tagged with "Defaults"

How to Flush or Erase Cache of Your XCode iOS or MacOS Cocoa App

If you're working with an XCode application, either iOS or MacOS, and want to do a completely clean build and delete the cache, it's simple. Execu...

Open Files in TextMate 2 with A Single Click

To open files with a single click from the file browser inside of TextMate 2 run this command from the terminal defaults write com.macromates.Tex...

Rails 3 Config Auto Load Paths in Application.rb

In Rails 3 files in lib/ are no longer loaded by default. It's a snap to auto load these classes by adding the following line to config/application.rb...

Rails Select Tag and Onchange Event Calling a Remote Function with Default Option Selected

Here is a little code snippet that will fire off a request to update_client_path when you change the select field. This stands alone, rather than bein...

Mod_Python and Web.py on Ubuntu

Download First install mod_python for Apache and then restart/reload the server. apt-get install libapache2-mod-python /etc/init.d/apac...

Using jQuery and Prototype Javascript Together with jQuery.noConflict();

To use the jQuery javascript framework in a Rails application, that also uses the Prototype framework for the same application, you'll need to reassig...