Written by Sean Behan on Sun Jun 17th 2012

Remember to include the host declaration in the database.yml file when you deploy to Dreamhost. Dreamhost does not use "localhost" which is typically the default setting when using the mysql adapter and developing locally or even on a small site.

At least for me, when I ported a Rails app to Dreamhost, this was the only "Gotcha", because my log files were not reporting any errors and were instead serving the 500 something went wrong file. A sample config/database.yml file

  adapter: mysql
  username: youruser
  password: yourpasswd
  database: ror_production_db
  host: mysql.yourdomain.com

To port, I unpack my gems, if I haven't already

rake gems:unpack
Then I freeze and package rails w/ my app just in case versions aren't exact
rake rails:freeze:gems
Then I upload to Dreamhost!

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