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Accessing Links in Nested TD Cells with Prototype


There must be a better way to do the following with PrototypeJS. I want to loop over nested links inside of table td cells and apply a class to the row that the link is in when the link is clicked. If a user clicks on another link the class will be removed and applied to the current table row.

The code below works but I think it seems hackish. Any thoughts on improving this code?

Here is the link to the pastie http://pastie.org/703316

This is the table with haml markup

%table %tr %td info %td = link_to "be clicked", remote_request_goes_here_path

And the Js

    $$("td.filter_link > a").each(function(element){
        Event.observe(element, "click", function(event){
                if(el != this){
                       // apply the turnwhite class to the table row

Tagged w/ #$$ #code optimization #javascript #nested #prototype #tables #tdjavascript