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Absolutize Relative Links Using PHP and Preg_Replace_Callback


I was in the market for a simple php script to replace hrefs with their absolute paths from scraped web pages. I wrote one myself. I used the preg_replace_callback function so that I could pass the parsed results as a single variable.

$domain = "http://seanbehan.com";
$pattern = "/\bhref=\"|'[\"|']/";
$string = file_get_contents($domain);

// prepends relative links w/ $domain skips returns the match if already absolute function replace_href($match){ global $domain; if(substr($match[1], 0, 7)!=="http://" && substr($match[1],0,8)!=="https://"){ return "href='".$domain.$match[1]."'"; } else { return "href='".$match[1]."'s"; } } print preg_replace_callback($pattern, "replace_href", $string);

Tagged w/ #absolute links #file_get_contents #php #preg_replace_callback #regex #relative linksphp